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Thermopest was born in 2014, from an entrepreneurial idea of a disinfestation company, with the aim of finding alternative and at the same time ecological solutions to traditional systems to fight weeds, after the entry into force of increasingly restrictive regulations on the use of chemicals, as well as the growing market demand for organic production, had made it difficult to implement effective and enforceable chemical interventions.


The alternative to toxic gas treatment.

Thermopest has become well known in the pest control sector, becoming the first producer of pest control systems through use of heat, an ecological method, that leaves no residue or environmental impact in eliminating infesting insects from building and structures ( grain elevators, cereal, flour and all food processing industries) travel and leisure  sector (hotels, means of transportation). The efficacy of this system has been demonstrated on all vital stages of infesting insects (including their egg and pupae stages which are in fact the most resistant) which has made this method of pest control the only alternative to toxic gas treatments and offers the following advantages:

  • Non-toxic for people and food
  • Leaves no residue
  • It does not require the evacuation of the environments to be treated
  • It is applicable in establishments that work organic production
  • It is applicable in residential settings, without any authorization or restriction
  • Absolute independence from other supplies
  • Wide versatility of use
  • Immediate use of treated premises


To date, there are numerous disinfestation interventions with high temperatures carried out in different production structures belonging to various sectors of the food sector and not, including:

Lumber industry

Pallets, Beams

Transportation sector

Trains, Airplanes, Buses

Tourism / hotel sector

Hotels, Hostels

Entertainment sector

Cinemas, Theatres

Civil sector

Private homes, Retirement homes, Private clinics, Archive

Agro-food sector

Pasta factories, Mills, Industrial Bakeries, Confectionery Industry, Dried Fruits, Dried Legumes, Spices, Tobacco

Zootechnical sector

Feed factories, Pet food, poultry farms, laying hens farms


Thermopest is currently an established company, operating all over the world.

At the moment Thermopest is a consolidated organization that operates around the world. Its main office is in Molise (IT), in the industrial zone of Campobasso, contrada San Giovanni in Golfo n. 221, but it has various affiliated offices in several regions of Italy and abroad.

The company is a European leader in the production of electrical machinery for pest control through use of heat. They also sell and rent this equipment and offer technical support for their correct use and maintenance.

TVE 10

Light and handy, the TVE 10 is the right system to treat small environments: hotel rooms, hospital rooms, nautical cabins, trains, coaches, archives, are just some of the areas in which this machine finds application…

TVE 10 Technical Characteristics and Information

TVE 19

TVE 19 is the right plant to treat large environments such as pasta factories, mills, industrial bakeries, confectionery industries, feed factories etc. the increasing market demand for organic products and free of chemical residues…

TVE 19 Technical Characteristics and Information

TVE 25

TVE 25: suitable for the disinfestation and sanitization of silos intended for the storage of raw materials and finished product….

TVE 25 Technical Characteristics and Information


THERMOBOX: suitable for disinfestation of products and materials inside containers. The main features of the machine are:

THERMOBOX Technical Characteristics and Information